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Volunteer for HSB
Punk Rock Flea Market

Hardcore Sweet Bakery is always looking for fresh blood to add to the mix! We throw kick ass events and we do so because we cultivate a strong community of teamwork and friendship! We have each other's backs, we work hard and we have fun!

Volunteers are needed for our Punk Rock Flea Market events only but we may have the occasional openings for our future events. 

If you are selected, you must be:
- Available for at least a 4-hour shift on the day of the Flea Market.
- You will help with vendors
- Move tables, load ins and outs
- Hand out promotional items.


All volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and you must be willing to put in the time! Come to our hangouts leading up to the event. Provide us with your input and get exclusive Punk Rock Flea Market merch and a lunch ticket. 
Our first meeting will be on August 30th, at 6 pm at our Southington Location. 

Thanks for submitting!

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